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Public Administration Batch 2020

Synergy IAS launches its classroom programme for CSE 2020. The batch will start in the 3rd week of October 2019. For more details, you can call @ 9870146185 or 011-25744391

Schedule for GS Mains and Essay Test Series 2019

General Studies Test Series for Mains 2019 and Essay Test Series for Mains 2019 has been launched. The test series starts from 30th July 2019. This programme consists of only

150 Most Probable Questions for Mains 2019

MK Mohanty Sir of Synergy IAS will be conducting special classes for discussing 150 most probable questions of Public Administration Mains 2019. These classes will be free for students who

GS and Essay Test Series for Mains 2019

Synergy IAS launches its comprehensive GS and Essay Test Series for Mains 2019. There will be only comprehensive tests of all four papers (GS 1, 2, 3 and 4) –

Most Probable Questions for Mains 2019 Public Administration

MK Mohanty of Synergy IAS will be discussing 150 most probable questions for Mains 2019 PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION OPTIONAL. If Public Administration is your OPTIONAL For MAINS 2019, you cannot afford

Ethics Content Enrichment Programme 2019

Synergy by MK Mohanty introduces its Content Enrichment Programme 2019. It will commence from 27 June 2019. The introductory session is free for all. The main features of this programme

Public Administration CAT 2019 launched

CAT 2019 – CONTENT ENRICHMENT, ANSWER WRITING AND TEST SERIES PROGRAMME (CAT) An innovative programme of Synergy, providing not merely test series’s but a holistic programme in itself. It consists

Public Administration Test Series

For Public Administration Content Enrichment, Answer Discussion and Test Series Programme 2019 attend FREE SESSION on 22nd June by MK Mohanty. If it’s PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION, it’s SYNERGY. So don’t wait


Whether its Prince Dhawan in 2011 (scoring 394), Abhilash Mishra in 2016 (scoring 334), or Ankita Chaudhary – AIR 14 in 2018 (score 314), if it is PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION OPTIONAL,

Top Scorers in Public Administration from Classroom Programme

This video comprises of the top scorers in Public Administration from Synergy IAS’s Classroom Programme. Attend the open session at Address: 16 A/2, First Floor, Ajmal Khan Road, WEA, Karol